Saturday, October 1, 2011


After the deck was finished (well mostly, I still need to stain it), I began to research flowering shrubs to plant along the east rail.
the east rail is to the left in this picture

Something that would grow tall enough to shelter the neighbors from my boys' frequent trips onto the deck in their underwear but not give us complete privacy (I still sit in awe at Terri and Chef's yard and don't want to block that view). I was coming up with nothing. On a Saturday in September I went for a quick trip to get batteries when a 75% off trees and shrubs sign caught my eye. I browsed and found two different varieties of weigela and some penstemon. For these 8 plants, I spent $11. What the hell. If it doesn't work, I'm not out much money. After planting, I googled the species. Turns out this is exactly what I wanted, a flowering, airy shrub great for borders and privacy. The penstemon is also called Beard Tongue and I have already put some of that in my butterfly garden. Perfect. A little backwards, but that's kind of how I get through life.

I do, then learn. Like how I started sewing and then read how to use my machine. I bought a mountain bike and equipment as a graduation present and then took lessons on trail riding to see if I'd like it. Or how I began baking and with each attempt I research how I can make it better the next time. I signed up to play rugby in college without knowledge of the game. Once, I bought an expensive laptop on a whim and then read consumer reports. Or how I had a baby and THEN read the manual. I rarely do any research before taking on something new, always after I've tried to know it on my own or after an impulsive decision. I've made a lot of mistakes but had even more success. It works for me.

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  1. I need to google how to get rid of a squirrel in the house that is wreaking havoc with my antique plates! Today I came home and he was staring at me from the curtian rod! How did he get in? Will google tell me that?